Tech-savvy Security

Safety is everybody’s concern. Aside from taking extra caution in making sure that your actions keep the house secure, there are a host of gadgets available to help keep you and your family safe.


Flooding the house with lights is one of the easiest deterrents to robbers. Light up dark corners and areas where intruders may hide. Use timers to automatically turn on lights whenever you would leave the house for extended periods.

Motion and Heat Detectors

Unlike door alarms, motion detectors need not be installed on the door or window itself. They go off when they detect movement in a room. Heat detectors detect the presence of people in a room. More advanced heat detectors can distinguish between animals and humans, so you won’t have to worry about your pet accidentally tripping the alarm. They may also be designed to call a number when they alarm.

Intercom Systems

Wired or wireless intercom systems allow you to hear sounds from key areas in the house. They may also be used to communicate between rooms. They are particularly useful paired with burglar alarms, especially in a big house. Make sure you check the trademark of the product you are buying.

Security Cameras

The presence of security cameras alone deter robbers. They range from simple spy cameras (a.k.a. nanny cam) to the more high-end CCTV cameras. Installation requires professional help, so also check how much the service costs.

Techonlogy has made it possibly to secure our home more effectively, and because it is important to keep you home safe, have Security Screen Doors Brisbane installed in your home now.

Incase something happens…

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