Visitation Rights for Grandparents

Grandparents and grandchildren have a magical relationship. The bond between them is special and so full of love, and yet in today’s world even this isn’t sacred anymore. Broken homes are a common occurrence today and it is a misconception that only the parents and the child are at the center of it all. Many a times, a divorced couple may stop the other spouse’s parents from visiting the child. Or, grandparents may be denied visiting rights for other more personal reasons too. Though still contested and not as detailed by law as a parent’s visitation rights are, visitation rights for grandparents do exist and it is your right to demand them.

Do your homework and Act fast

Before your grandchild begins to wonder where you have disappeared to, make sure you have researched the options available to you and know which legal route to take to obtain visitation. Grandparents do not have any legal rights to protect their relationship with their grandchildren but if the court recognizes that the child will benefit from this, it can grant a grandparent the legal right to visitation. The important bit is to act fast and act decisively, so that you do not have to face a huge drawn out court battle and you the bond between you and your grandchild is severed completely.

The case is taken to court only when there is no agreement. If a resolution is reached, you can put down the agreement with your visitation rights on a Parenting Plan or Consent Orders and lodge it with the court immediately.