Overtaking on Roads

When you overtake, it is important to increase your speed when you overtake and then gradually slow once you are ahead of the car you passed by. If you slow down quicker than necessary, it might lead to an accident.

Always remember, when you overtake, you have to give the person behind you adequate space to readjust his vehicle. Most traffic accident lawyers can also share useful tips on overtaking.

Do not obstruct

As a driver, it is your responsibility to avoid blocking traffic. Drive or overtake in a way that helps you do so. Calculate the time between oncoming traffic or the traffic behind you well before you overtake.

Once you overtake, keep moving forward so the car beside you and those behind you do not get stuck. If you obstruct the car directly behind you, it might lead to an accident.

The right side of the road

Always overtake from the right side of the road. Depending on where you are driving, if the traffic rule states that the right side of the road is the side to follow, when you overtake, you should do so from the right too.

When you overtake from the other side, other drivers may not be as well prepared. This may cause accidents.

Overtake only when driving straight

It is best not to overtake when the person ahead of you is turning. The best time to overtake in fact is when you are driving straight.

This will limit chances of road accidents because drivers will have the time and space to react faster.