Divorce Mediation

Time spent on mediation makes the actual divorce a shorter process because most of the issues have already been worked out. All that is left to do is to formalize or legalise them. So time spent on mediation is never wasted.

Divorce Lawyers have nothing to do with mediation

Divorce Lawyer can help mediation by:
  • Informing the spouses of their legal rights
  • Coaching them to negotiate.
  • Suggesting settlement solutions
  • And keeping the paperwork ready for going to court.

The mediator decides everything

Mediation is only a channel through with warring spouses can communicate. All decisions are taken by the spouses themselves. A good mediator only suggests solutions in case of a stale mate situation. And even then it is only a suggestion and not a decision. He does not support one or the other spouse.

Mediation is the best option

Mediation works in most cases. However in situations where both spouses are unwilling to concede their position, the issue is taken to court. In extreme cases where domestic violence is involved it may be better for the lawyers to speak for the parties.

Mediation is for the weak minded

In fact it requires more strength of will to put aside your ego and communicate with the very person you are fighting. It also gives you a chance to assess your position before you put it before someone.

Even with a mediator, exceptional communication skills are required when making decisions regarding your divorce settlement. The mediator does not tell the parties what to do. They have to speak for themselves.

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