What is Domestic Violence?

Every relationship goes through trying times at some point of time. However, domestic violence in any kind of relationship can cause severe problems. In most cases, domestic violence victims are usually the women in the relationship. Although there are several laws against domestic violence in place, it is still common place for couples to face issues with domestic violence.

A wide variety of things can be included in the general concept of domestic violence. You can always consult your family lawyers if you feel you are a victim of domestic violence.

Any kind of physical abuse

When one partner in a relationship uses physical force and violence on the other, it can be considered as domestic violence. Domestic violence is any act of physical abuse irrespective of whether carried out by hand or another object.

In severe cases the victim of the violence or physical assault may suffer severe injuries that affect their overall well being and life. Physical abuse is considered a serious offence legally in today’s times. You should consult Family Lawyer if you are in an abusive relationship of any kind.

Any kind of emotional abuse

When people talk of domestic violence they often mean physical abuse. However, in realistic terms people may suffer from emotional abuse too. Emotional abuse is also part of the general term defining domestic violence.

Traditionally when one partner in a relationship constantly blackmails or uses emotions and guilt to control the other it is emotional abuse. Many times people cannot identify emotional abuse until it has been occurring for several years.

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