Responsible Ways to Avoid Accidents Due to Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving do not mix. It is often been said, but despite the government’s best efforts, the trend has been on the upward rise. Statistics prove that almost 30% of the road accidents that happen every year in the country involves a drunk driver or two. A third of the drivers that are involved in road traffic accidents in Australia have been found to have a blood alcohol limit of over 0.05 – the normal limit. A majority of this section of drivers have a BAC that is three times the legal limit and their decision to drive while drunk has cause many fatalities.

Having a drink driving lawyer on speed dial is a good thing, especially if you are one of those who loves his night cap a little too much. But every time you take the wheels, you have a responsibility to yourself, and your loved ones, to stay safe and not get embroiled in an accident. And that promise can only be fulfilled if you follow these tips we have suggested, and use your will to stay strong in the face of temptation that shapes itself up as a glass of chilled beer!

Always have a designated driver

If you are going out with friends then make sure there is someone amidst the crowd who knows his responsibilities and is ready to spend the night just drinking water. Give the car keys too this person and have him ferry you home after you have indulged in a wild night. If you do not have a friend to depend on, have someone call you a cab instead.