Common Types of Hazards at Work Place

An unsafe work environment can harm you, either you suffer an injury or you may have health issues. If you feel your work environment has caused your current state of distress, then you can contact compensation lawyers to check if you can make a claim for compensation from your company. The Commonwealth of Australia has put into place a number of workers compensation schemes that vary from state to territories. Compensation lawyers will investigate your claim see if you have a viable case, and find out the nature of your claim depending on the type of hazard at your work place.

Chemical hazard

Many factories from medical to retail are places where employees are exposed to harmful chemicals. As they are working with the materials to produce the product, they may come into contact with the fumes, gases, vapours and in other forms of the chemical substances. The company has to provide their employees with the necessary safety devices and follow safety guidelines to ensure they are protected. If it is proven that the company failed to take the mandatory steps to completely safe guard their employees, then compensation lawyers can make the company liable and reach a settlement. The employees have to be provided with protective clothing, masks and eye wear.

Electrical hazards

Professions of electricians and engineers who work with electrical equipment and machinery are at risk for shocks and electrocution. It is possible for anyone who is around electrical equipment to receive an injury.