7 Great Tools A Plumber Should Have

Nowadays, in every building, the plumbing system plays a very crucial role. It is always taken into consideration. This means that the plumbing layout must always be efficiently planned so that all of the rooms that are inside the entire building can get adequate supply of water. Aside from handling the hygienic needs of everyone, a water system also handles the drainage as well as the wastewater management system. With all these, can you imagine how messy things can get once your plumbing system fails?

In order to avoid this hassle, you should be a responsible home owner by conducting regular care and maintenance in your pipes as well as your water sources. Taking precautionary measures can obviously cost you a lot regardless if you are hiring a professional plumber or taking the task in your own hands. Whichever you prefer, you must first know the tools that are necessary to be used when handling the water pipes and valves inside your home.

1. Pipe cutters

Pipe cutters are also known as pipe slice, automatic pipe cutter and single handed pipe cutter. From the word itself, this tool is specifically used to cut through pipes easily. This is mostly preferred over a hacksaw because it does not only yield cleaner cuts, it is also quicker. This pocket-sized tool can also be easily used in tight spaces. However, these circular cutters cannot be adjusted in different pipe diameters.

2. Telescopic tube cutter

This tool is also known as the adjustable tube cutter. This particular tool takes care of the things that cannot be done by a circular pipe cutter just like cutting pipes and tubes that are about 6 to 35 mm thick. Similar to the pipe cutter, the telescopic tube cutter also cuts neatly and cleanly on pipes.

3. Adjustable spanner

This tool is used to turn bolts, nuts and fastenings. If you want to get the most out of it, be sure that you purchase it in different sizes. They can be small, medium and large.

4. Adjustable pipe wrench

This is a must have tool for every plumber. It is designed in a way that its toothed jaws help give enough amount of power to turn pipes and fittings with a round surface.

5. Blowlamp and gas

This is one of the most important tools in plumbing because it is used to achieve tight seals and joints. When using these tools, it is crucial that you purchase one with a good quality to prevent the possibility of leakage.

6. Plunger

This is a simple yet an effective tool that every plumber should have in his possession. This tool is in fact very common in every household and is possibly the first tool that you will need when you have a blocked toilet, ink or drainage.

7. Fire resistant cloth

Soldering is a common thing to do when plumbing. In order to ensure safety, a fire resistant cloth must be in your plumbing toolbox. When soldering with a propane torch, this is used to protect combustible surfaces nearby.

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