Video Production: Producing videos is a new way of reaching Audiences

Maybe you are tired enough of hearing about videos helps in increasing conversions. Well, who would not be? You breathe and live online videos.
However, let’s say you are a marketer, a savvy marketer. You have read and heard about different blogs which use videos to gain traffic.

You have known that video increases traffic and conversion and maybe you have read great posts related to it.

Now, are you ready to take a different approach? Then, you must be. Let us find business that uses video in a clever and different way you have never imagined before.

Here are some unique and clever ways of using videos in enticing audiences thus, resulting to traffic:


You might be wondering how K-Pop can help you. Well, do you remember the wackiest and addictive video that became 2013’s biggest and best internet sensation ever? It was the “Gangnam Style by Psy.”

So, what is my point of all these? Simple. You can create your very own video that is still wacky and addictive to attract audiences. Call it “Your Style” or whatever you want to call it. It’s all yours.

And one thing, if you are an avid fan of Hubspot, then you must really like their marketing strategy wherein they use not-so serious approach of marketing.

It is really effective as we are all individuals who does not just like to talk about trending topics over the internet but we like it more if it is presented in a more creative manner like using a comedy in the video.

Like the Hubspot, we would like to create an atmosphere between our target customers and us, the marketer wherein we share the same feeling of connection with the brands being advertised.

Press Unsubscribe

Have you received daily emails from Groupon? Well, we are on the same flight. But one good thing you might want to apply from their tactics is that they use video to engage with their customers by using videos. You can see that this brand uses video that when you unsubscribe from the emails through hitting the punish button, Derrick will be punished by being thrown by water and yelled by a woman in the video. At the end of this video, you will be pity to Derrick for this thus you will find yourself resubscribing to the emails again.

These are just few tactics of using videos in a clever way. Try if you like.