How to Buy Greywater Devices

If you know the proper method and can maintain certain precautions even waste water can become a valuable water resource that can be reused. But take immense care to stick by the guidelines while installing devices for reusing greywater. Any carelessness on your part might harm the health of your household and your community.

If you are still considering what kind of greywater device would suit you the best, just look up a factsheet on choosing a greywater system that has been made available by the Australian government. You would surely find something worth a try in the list.

Greywater devices should be available at any good hardware store near your locality. If not, you can always directly buy from the manufacturer. It comes at a very pocket friendly price of $200 only. However, the cost of the plumber will be extra. But even then, other than 22500 L Rainwater Tank, only reuse of greywater can help promote an eco-friendly, water conserving environment.

Methods of greywater reuse

Generally speaking, there are three ways to reuse greywater.

The first is the manual bucketing system. By this method, small quantities of greywater are stored in a bucket to be reused for watering gardens or lawns. This system is very easy and popular since it neither requires any complicated procedure nor any legal approval from the council.

Greywater diversion devices make use of the sub-surface irrigation system to redirect greywater to be reused for gardening and watering lawns. This device might need permission from the council in certain cases and requires a plumber to install it properly before use.

The third method is the greywater treatment system that facilitates the reuse of greywater inside the space of the home as well as in gardens and lawns. This too requires a plumber for installation. Also, council approval is a must in such cases.