Common Foot Injuries

Professional athletes and amateur sportspersons both suffer from similar foot injuries and ailments. There are different kinds of foot injuries, all a result of physical damage or muscle problem to a certain extent.

Foot injuries may also affect people who do not exercise or practice sports regularly. You can in fact suffer a sprain even while walking on the street. Foot injuries are common and in most cases not considered a serious medical problem.


Many athletes or for that matter even dancers suffer from redness or inflammation at the ball of the foot. This is due to the constant running or jumping effect, which ultimately creates injury on the foot.

Sometimes, the cause can be attributed to the wrong kind of shoes or gait too. The most common symptoms of this injury include severe pain, calluses, extreme tenderness and more.

In most cases doctors may advise a break from routine physical activities and complete rest until the inflammation ceases.

Plantar Fasciitis

This injury may result in severe pain at the heel of the foot, a problem commonly experienced in the early hours of the morning on waking up. In most cases, the cause of the injury can be attributed to spending long hours on your feet or overexerting yourself.

Sometimes, obese people or those suffering from diabetes may suffer from Plantar Fasciitis too because of pressure to the heel area. In most cases here, physiotherapist Sydney CBD is known to help patients perform exercises to reduce the pain and strengthen the foot area.