Feed Your Fantasies Now!r

Female Strippers, show girls, nude waitresses and Vibe show? Have you come across such terms while looking up to fill your fantasy needs and got confused what these title means? Those are your wild dreams and all of the things you ever fantasized you can get them in an instant. But wait! Let us first see what the real deals behind every title show are.

Every show has its perks and some of it is very costly depends on what does it offers. Let us keep the ball rolling and get you warmed up.

Bikini/ topless/ Nude Waitresses - Planning to have a private party or conference with a little twist? Add excitement to the program by hiring gorgeous waitresses in bikini, topless or wears nothing at all, depends on your choice actually. These girls are absolutely gorgeous, friendly and welcoming. They are paid to serve your food, dine with you and your guests and have a friendly conversation. Price will depend on girls and you can select if you want a top model of the highest paid girls in town.

Tits and toast - This includes women who will be your personal servant wearing nothing but bikini bottom only. Serves breakfast, shower with you, clean up your mess and do some dirty dancing until you get satisfied.

Striptease Show - This includes sexy women in full dress at the first part of the erotic or sexy dance and undresses while the dance progresses. The dance might be short as 45 min and might last as 2 hours depending on what you have agreed on the bar or company.

Hot Open Leg - includes slow dancing, pole dancing and erotic dancing but the dance routine usually have lots of opening of legs with and without any underwear on. Usually include the use of props such as soap. You may be able to use the props on the girls.

Dominatrix Show - Not for a fainted heart. Girls are usually play a role of a sadist, wear something black like a cat suit and perform some sadistic sexual activities to men, includes whipping, slapping and bondage. They display a very powerful character that makes men to be submissive and follow what they instruct to do.

Masturbation Show - Just like the title itself, girls will actually pleasure themselves with the use of fingers, vibrator or any props she like. You can either help her or just sit and enjoy the show.

Many bars have their own specific names or titles for their show. The best thing to do is to talk to a manager or representative and describe what you look for to fulfill your dreams. Some bars customizes their program in accordance to your needs so just talk to them, select the girl of your choice and have fun.