Bond Clean by End of Lease Cleaners

There is clean and there is squeaky clean. Now if your contract with your landlord is about to end, you need to turn over the apartment unit in a squeaky clean condition. The bond that you deposited to the landlord will only be returned to you if the apartment unit is in good condition- meaning, there are no signs of damage and the apartment unit must be squeaky clean. To achieve such level of cleanliness, you need to hire the services of end of lease cleaning Sydney because they are professional cleaners who will make sure that the apartment unit is immaculately clean.

The services

1) Kitchen clean- end of lease cleaners will clean all areas in the kitchen. They will thoroughly wipe-off dirt on the inside and outside of the cupboard, they will remove the food debris on the inside of the oven. They will use a cleaning solution that will remove the stains on the oven top, exterior of the refrigerator, microwave, and other kitchen gadgets. After all the work has been done on the kitchen by end of lease cleaners, the place where you used to cook your food will smell and look like a place where no cooking ever took place because of its squeaky clean appearance.

2) Bathroom clean- they will scrub and disinfect all areas in the bathroom like the bath tub, hand basins, bathroom cabinets, floor tiles, air vents, and so much more. end of lease cleaners will also scrub the windows, remove cobwebs, and so much more.

3) Bedroom clean- they will makes sure that all cabinets have no stains, the window safe clean and free from hand prints, and the carpet smells fresh.

4) Living and Dining clean- all the cupboards will be dusted to remove dust and other particles. End of lease cleaners will even spread some polisher on the cupboard to make it look like brand new.

5) Garage clean- they will sweep and mop the floor on the garage area and they will throw-away all those old items that were dumped on the garage area. The light fittings will be dusted and the cabinets will be wiped-clean.

6) Patio- if you have a garden or patio, they will remove all the weeds and dried leaves and plants.

7) Carpet cleaning- end of lease cleaners will use a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck-out all the dirt that accumulated through the years. If shampooing is needed, it will also be done by them.

Turn-over the apartment unit to your landlord and your bond will definitely be returned to you after the place has been cleaned by the end of lease cleaners.