Professional Civil Contractors

Contract mining is one of the most common services offered by almost all professional civil contractors. Contract mining includes things like opening up a piece of land, excavations, drilling or blasting a piece of land, moving land, rehabilitation on site, crusher feed and others. Some of the companies also offer the option to manage the entire project by taking care of the 1st step before mining till the last step of back filling, cleaning and maintenance. These come a long way in saving costs by not hiring additional supervisors for the job.

Traffic services

You can also contact civil contractors for traffic control and related services. Most of these contractors offer the service to close a road, quickly fix a road, manage the roads during accidents at the project site or emergency situations and manage the roads and areas during events. Some of them even come up with effective traffic management plans and diagrams for smooth flow of traffic during on-going projects.

Mobilization and Haulage

Apart from earthworks and road works, civil contractors also offer the haulage service – for commercial transportation of goods. Most of them manage the loading and unloading of goods during the process. They also offer mobilization services for big projects, making sure that the machines and goods reach the site on time, and the project too completes within the timelines.

Financial stability of the contractor is of vital importance if you want your project to be completed on time. After all, you wouldn’t want your contractor to depend on your money for paying off vendors and sub-vendors; who may discontinue service anytime because of poor payment. Always check the contractor’s financial strength before handing over any major project as unscrupulous contractors may also run away with your money midway.