Dental Care Tips for Knocked Out Teeth

Accidents occur during the day that can knock out the teeth from your sockets. When this happens, you need to take some quick steps to retain that great smile you have. First, you should follow a few steps before calling your dentist about your knocked out teeth, and he will assist you later. Medibank members have full benefits

Quick Dental care for adult teeth

If one or more of your permanent teeth have been knocked out then it can be saved by returning the tooth to its socket. Afterwards, call an emergency dentist or an oral health professional to see you and finish his assessment of your teeth. He will give you further instructions. Alternatively, if you find yourself in too much pain to do anything, just be alert enough to place your tooth in a bottle of milk or a plastic cling wrap bag. Though it is preferable if you return the tooth to its socket as it has a better chance of surviving. The longer the tooth is separated from the socket, its health decreases with time. Clean the tooth with milk or a saline solution like a contact lens solutions for few seconds. Don’t ever use water or a scrub. The idea is to keep your tooth moist, which can also be done by storing your tooth in your mouth.

Dental care for broken or fractured tooth

Pain may accompany broken or fractured tooth, and you are advised to run to the dentist to save your tooth from disintegration. If your tooth has been broken into two pieces, store the fragment in milk or saliva.

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