Emergency Solutions Against Carpet Stains

Carpets, especially when it is seen in a home, are often seen as a luxury that only serves its purpose beautifying a room. However, carpets are more than just objects whose purpose is to add an aesthetic value to a room as its primary purpose is to protect the floors from buffs, scratches and dust and the appearance is another benefit that a carpet owner can enjoy. However, carpets must be taken cared of properly and that is why carpet cleaners Adelaide exist to take care of cleaning and maintaining carpet. When some materials stain-causing materials come into accidental contact with the carpet and calling carpet cleaners might take some time for them to arrive, there are some quick tips and tricks that can possibly help.

Food and Drink

Food and drinks are one of the most common stain-causing culprits and carpet cleaner have dealt with them on several occasions. Stains created from accidental pour are usually removed with the help of a clean cloth and a vinegar solution which will be dabbed on the stained area until it is removed followed by a dab of water-soaked cloth. It is one of the most natural carpet cleaning tips but and should be very helpful.

Oil and Grease

A stain created by oil and grease is another commonly reported problem by carpet owner that carpet cleaners would take care of. In emergency cases, oil and grease-based stains need to be blotted out with the help of a carpet cleaning solvent which is then followed by a cloth dabbed in water to help with the removal of the stain. Most types of materials that are oily or greasy are usually identified as children’s crayons, beauty products such as lotion and lipstick and some food items.


One of the most common enemies of carpets is mud and it not only stain carpets but it will dry up and leave a thick crust of earth that will feel gritty on bare feet. In order to take care of mud, a simple process can be followed. Mud can be removing it with a soapy solution made out of detergent soap and a clean, dry cloth. The cloth is dipped into the solution and is repeatedly dabbed onto the carpet in order to full remove the stain made by a muddy foot. If the mud has dried up on the carpet, it is simply vacuumed in order to remove any physical dirt.

When everything has been kept under control, it is best to call the nearest carpet cleaners in order for them to take a look and fix the problem in order to avoid damaging the carpet. Carpets are investment both for the homes and offices which can do a lot of help and only carpet cleaners can give it the best professional care it needs.