How to Clean Blocked Drains All by Yourself

You can always call a plumber if you want to have a hassle free clearing of the blocked drain/s. but if you are thinking of saving your money since hiring professional plumbers are quite expensive, you can have your blocked drain/s all by yourself. Going through this article, you will be guided on easy steps on how to clear your blocked drain/s all alone without the need to call for plumbers.

First and foremost, check if your blocked basins or other drainage share the same drainage pipe. For instance, the clog is in your bathroom; plug a wet rag on the opening of the basin while covering with wet rags the other bathroom’s drainage and other flow vent. The same thing should be done with the other adjacent rooms who share with the same drainage pipe with your main blocked drain/s.

Another tip that everyone should consider if using of rag plugging is ineffective then use a toilet plunger in unclogging the blocked drain/s. The first thing that should be done is to seal the plunger with petroleum jelly before you put it to the opening of the drainage. Then let the water fill the tub or the sink until the water reaches the plunger’s head. Slowly, pump the plunger while applying a little force in order to create pressure. Whenever the water goes in and out the drain, it then builds force on the area where clogging occurs. So as you do it rapidly over again, the pressure you apply on the plunger pushes the water to unclog the blocked drain/s on the pipe.

Lastly, if the above mentioned tips didn’t work out, it’s time to use a chemical drain opener.

But remember, before applying any chemical, take note that chemicals may harm some drainage fixtures because of its caustic agents. Before you start applying the chemical, uncover the stopper then followed by inserting the auger wire in the opening of the drain. Then expand the auger wire’s handle while loosening and tightening the screw. Push the wire until it reaches the blocking object. As soon as you reached the blocked area, pull and push the auger wire at the same time by turning the handle. As you turn it, it’s time to withdraw the auger.

Should you followed all the tips above and still having the same issue, call immediately the blocked drains plumbing service in Gold Coast.

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