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Bamboo flooring, from the name itself, is made up of bamboo. It is highly regarded by environmentalists as an environmental-friendly material because of it is easy to grow and highly renewable. To top it off, the use of bamboo flooring will garner a plus in buildings aiming for a Green status. Bamboo flooring does not come from just any type of bamboo – it is commonly manufactured from a bamboo type called Moso.

With over 1000 breeds of bamboos, the Moso is often chosen as bamboo flooring materials because of its outstanding strength which is equal to that of hard wood. It is also one of the best known breeds of giant timber bamboo. The Moso bamboo is native to China and is known by locals as Mao Zhu which literally means Hairy Bamboo. The reason for this is Moso bamboo can be easily identified due to its large, fibrous appearance.


Moso bamboo grows at an average height of 40 to 50 feet but can grow up to a maximum of 70 feet but regardless of its height, the Moso will have a diameter of 4 to 7 inches only. The humble Moso bamboo is known for its immense growth spurt which bamboo owners will tell people that they can literally sit and watch it grow. The Moso bamboo takes about 5 years to reach its full height and its growth rate would run from 6 inches a day once it sprouted from the shoots. It is highly possible that it will grow at a height of 20 feet or so after 4 day. After that, it will just keep on growing, possibly growing up to more or less 10 inches per day. In as little as 3 months, what started out as a tiny, almost invisible shoot will be towering over other plants and vegetation.

The Moso bamboo has had its share of the limelight as it was featured in the 2000 international hit Kung Fu film, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in the scene where the movie featured a fight scene between Chinese actors Zhang Ziyi and Chow Yun Fat in a Moso bamboo forest. Filmed in the Anji Bamboo Garden in Anji County, China, the unbelievable height of the Moso bamboo was all in its full glory and was never edited.

Bamboo flooring is not the only purpose that the Moso bamboo serves. It is still commonly used today as scaffoldings, furniture and even handicrafts.

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