Signs it’s Time to Buy a New Air Conditioner

Most of you may fail to notice the importance of air conditioner in the daily routine. It is one such appliance in the house that is taken for granted. It is used all round the year yet hardly cared for. But since it is electronic equipment, it has a limited life span. It’s important that you read the signs of a dying air conditioner and buy a new one.

Your air conditioner is getting old

Typical life span of an air conditioning install system is about 10 years. Hire Commercial air con installs Brisbane to have a well maintained system.

If your air conditioner is old, it is better you replace it soon to avoid cost of repairing and servicing. With the advent in technology, today you get highly energy efficient air conditioners with extended warranty. You will definitely benefit from upgrading to a higher efficiency unit.

Air filters should be regulary cleaned to have a long life span, call Air Conditioning install for them to help you out.

Your air conditioner has a SEER rating less than 13

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating measures the cooling output of an air conditioner with respect to energy consumed over a typical cooling period. Higher the SEER rating of a system, greater is its efficiency. The new standards ask for a minimum SEER rating of 13.

If your unit is a model before 2002, there is a high probability that it has a SEER of 7 or 8. The new systems available today have a rating of 15 or 16. This will give you higher energy savings compared to the old one.