How to Look for Photo Booth Hire

PaIt is time to pump-up the excitement to a party by availing of the services of photo booth hire. Avoid the dull and lifeless moments in a party, get everyone be up on their toes and take turns in the excitement of taking selfies or group selfies inside a photo booth. For the not so young ones, it can also be a good way to reminisce the not so old days when taking identification cards photos is done inside a photo booth. Listed below are the stuffs that you need to look for when scouting for a photo booth hire:

1) Size matters. Having more people inside the booth take group selfie is more fun. Choose a booth that can accommodate at least eight persons inside the booth. Be sure though that the photo booth hire will not cause any traffic. It must be placed in an area that will not cause any disruptions to the guests. Likewise, if the party is to be held on the upper floors, choose a booth that can be carried by the personnel.

2) Print quality. You can look at the portfolio and see if the prints are clear and crisp. You can also inquire as to the kind of printer they use. The prints come out better if dye-sublimation printer is used rather than inkjet printer. This is because the dye-sublimation printer has UV rays that will not make the photos fade, resistant to water and finger prints.

3) Props. Choose a photo booth hire that comes with props to even further the excitement of your guests. Tiara, costumes are some of the examples of props. Some companies also provide a projector so the photos can be displayed on a large screen for everyone to enjoy watching.

4) Thumb drive. Inquire if your guests can avail of a copy of all the pictures taken during the party. It is a good form of souvenir and some guests may want to have a souvenir.

5) User-friendly. The photo booth hire must be manipulated with ease, even by senior citizens. The buttons must be properly labeled.

6) Variations and choices. The photo booth hire must allow the guests to maximize their imagination by having many options for backgrounds, costumes, and even lighting. It is all about having fun and the guests can enjoy it more by providing many options to make the photo as unique as possible.

Increase the excitement in a party by availing of photobooth hire Sydney. It will truly make your guests go home with nothing but happy memories.