Granny Flats Are Undeniably Beneficial

Maybe you have seen a number of granny flats in your neighborhood and start thinking if you will do the same especially that you have wide backyard. For those who do not know what a granny flat is yet, it is a self contained flat that is supposedly meant for grannies. But nowadays, you can do anything you want to do with this. You need not obtain any council permit for this as long as it is in compliance with the required specifications like the size limit, that plots should not be subdivided just to build the said granny flat and so on. The best way to go about this if you will decide to build your own granny flat is to check with the council in your place. Actually, if you will give this a deep thought, building a granny flat is very beneficial in a lot of ways.


To help you in making a wise decision whether to build a granny flat or not, check out the benefits if you do so:

- It can be an extra source of income. In fact, after 5-7 years, you will sure to get the money back you invested in having it built as you can possibly earn up to $350 every week with it.

- This be a good addition to your budget. Most families these are dependent to a single source of income only thus they are most of the time living in paycheck to paycheck basis only. But with a possible additional income, you can now breathe and can now get some other things that you used to want.

- It can certainly increase the resale value of your estate property. A granny flat is indeed a good boost to the value of your existing property and if you will decide to sell the entire property, then you will sure to get a bog amount of money for it.

However, building a granny flat is not all benefits. It also has its own risks to watch out. For you to be ready for them, check out below;

- You might get surprise as the granny flat is more expensive than what you think. Maybe you have assumed that you can build the granny flat from the scraps that are just stocked in your storeroom and maybe you will not inquire when you will be offered a fixed price. So, while you are still in the deciding point, when you talked to a granny flat builder, make sure that when he say fixed price, then it is really fixed and you fully understand its full inclusions.

- Expect as well that you have now extra things to manage and even pay for extra fees. Though you have not obtained permits in building the granny flat, but still it has its own share of maintenance. So, while it is still vacant, be ready to shoulder for it first.

Despite the mentioned risks, they are just too minimal compared to the enumerated benefits. So, it is really up to you to weigh things and make a good decision.

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