A Few Fun Facts about Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island offers one of the best and the most unique geographical locations with a very small and friendly population. More and more Australians are making their way to this south pacific paradise to take a break from their ever busy schedules.

One of the reasons why Norfolk is the tourist destination of choice for most Aussies is the fact that it is only three hours away from Australia when travelling on air. It is also a relatively affordable tourist destination that boasts one of the richest history and beautiful scenery, more specifically its famous pine trees that are so tall they seem to reach the sky. Did you know that these pine trees are also featured on Norfolk Island's flag?

Here are some amazing facts about this beautiful island

Located in South Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is the place to be when looking to relax in a quiet and serene environment. The Norfolk Island accommodation is also one of the most modern and comfortable accommodation that you are really going to enjoy. 

Norfolk Island accommodation is also centrally located from all of Norfolk Island's major attractions and so you don't have to worry about going to distant places to enjoy Norfolk Island's unique attractions.

• What to wear

Norfolk Island has a sub-tropical climate that is cooled down by the sea waters. You can therefore be sure that it is never scorching hot and it is also never freezing cold. This weather makes it very easy to dress come with your relatively light holiday clothes and book yourself one of the most relaxing Norfolk Island accommodation where you can enjoy walking on the white sandy beaches and worshipping the sun on the beautiful decks overlooking the beautiful view.

You don't need to worry about carrying heavy cardigans as the weather is so beautiful you will probably just want to be in shorts and light t-shirts.

• Is the water safe?

Norfolk's water is one of the cleanest and safest water to drink in the whole world. There is therefore no need to carry lots of bottles of drinking water all the way from Australia. You can enjoy the tap water from your Norfolk Island accommodation unless otherwise stated.

Pay close attention to the news so that in case something important comes up, you are in a better position to know exactly how to respond. It also won't hurt to ask from a hotel or any other place where you are getting the water if it is safe.

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