Have Fun with Custom Printed Balloons

Balloons are not just for parties but they can be used also as promotional items. The custom printed balloons online can customize balloons according to the requirements of your company. The name or the logo of your company can be printed on the balloons and you can use these balloons to advertise your business. Just imagine the scope that the custom printed balloons can cover. Even those who are far away from the area can see the balloons and they can read the logo of your company. It is advisable to pick the large balloons and choose text sizes that are huge enough to be seen from afar. Likewise, balloons are mobile and you can take them with you from one place to another so basically these custom printed balloons are sort of walking advertisements.

How to order online

It is not difficult to order custom printed balloons online. The types of balloons online are varied and the materials are made from either latex or aluminum foils. Both materials can be custom made and both can last long so you get your money’s worth.

The aluminum foil balloons can be custom shaped into letters, figures, and numbers. The sizes are also varied, so the bigger the balloons, the more attention these can get from the passer bys.

For the latex custom printed balloons, there are also categories to select from like the standard latex which is available in big sizes and the decorator, crystal, metallic, and pearl latex which are available in 30 com sizes. After you have chosen the type of balloons, the next procedure is the choice of colors. Except for the standard latex balloons, the colors are very varied and unique and you even have a choice if you want to have two or more colors of custom printed balloons.

Image requirements

Then you upload the logo or the name of your company. It is a requirement that you save the file on jpeg or pdf at 600 DPI. A certain amount of gap is required in between colors because of a movement that occurs when inflating the balloon. Thus, a certain size requirement must be followed so the logo will fit perfectly into the custom printed balloons.

Then you add the texts and the colors that you like for the texts. The image will then be sent to you and if you are happy with it, then the production begins.