Great Ways to Save on Cleaning Solutions

Frugal stay at home moms have made a career on how to save money and keep their home clean and fresh smelling all the time. A clean smelling carpet is important to the stay at home mom. She uses many cleaning tools of the trade to keep up with her duties around the house and everything in the home in order and under control. A mother’s job is never done and there is always one more job to be done. There are many ways to use things that are already in the home to clean other parts of the home and save money while doing it. Every mom loves a truly clean and sanitary home.

A carpet cleaner is a favorite tool of the stay at home mom. Clean carpets are important to have. The babies and young children play on the floor and on the carpets. Babies are known to pick up any and everything and put it in their mouths, especially off the floor. There are so many germs on the floor that the mother has to be cautious and make sure everything is super clean.

A carpet cleaner can use various types of solutions for cleaning the carpets. Some mom’s use simple house cleaners from around the house instead of buying special cleaners that are designed specifically for the carpet cleaner. It is always a good idea to try any new solution on a small spot that is not easily seen from the room at large. An easy popular solution to use is regular laundry soap with some oxy cleaner mixed into it. Another easy popular solution is dish soap premixed with warm water. Some moms use equal parts window cleaner and warm water.

There are more complex solutions that can mixed for the natural carpet cleaning. Some moms use a mix of 118ml all-purpose non-bleach household cleaner, 118ml of fabric softener, 236 ml of ammonia, and 3785ml of warm water. Vinegar is a popular solution to use, but moms must be cautious because it can set some stains instead of removing them. It is good to note that some artists actually use vinegar on their art work to set the pigments in the canvas.

Hot water in the carpet cleaner mixed with the right solution can make the carpets super clean and fresh smelling. The clean carpets can make the home smell absolutely wonderful. Clean carpets make people think that the home is especially clean and sanitary. Freshly clean carpets leave a fragrant smell in the home if done correctly.

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