Dry Cleaning vs Wet Cleaning: Which One is Better

There are two common types of carpet cleaning in Adelaide, and these two choices are what most people really do in order to perfectly get the carpet flooring cleaned up into perfection. These two cleaning methods are known to be a must to do whenever you go general cleaning, and if you want to keep the carpet flooring tidy as usual. You can actually do dry and wet carpet cleaning at the same time, but take note that you also need to choose one that will favor you the most.

In order to bring out the best comparison out of dry and wet carpet cleaning, we sorted out the differences based on the quality. In this way, you will be able to easily identify the best one that suits you well. Here are the differences between dry and wet carpet cleaning methods:

Cleaning Features

Dry cleaning is known to be the best when it comes to making your flooring completely clean. It’s known that solutions and tools for dry carpet cleaning is the best that most people use nowadays thanks to the fact that you only need to spread the solution and wait for a few minutes to completely drain the dirt and stains off the carpet.

Wet cleaning is known to have a myth that steam is actually good for cleaning carpets. However, take note that steam only activates the detergent that you placed on the flooring for you to get it cleaned. That’s why there are lots of procedures need to be done with wet carpet cleaning for it to be done well.

Task Done

Dry cleaning is known to be a very easy task, and most solutions that provide dry cleaning has the procedures that you need to do. This is why most people treat this as a good way to save money as it will only require a little bit of equipment and a simple solution to do the job. Dry cleaning is proven to take a few minutes to be done.

On the other hand, steam cleaning is proven to be quite hard for those who are new to carpet cleaning. This might need you to invest for a steam cleaning service in order to get the job done, and this can come as pricey. But with a bit of practice, for sure you will be able to do this with ease. This method can be finished after extensive periods of time.

Safety of the Product

The solution used for dry cleaning is not that proven yet to be safe to use for the carpet floorings. That’s why most residents are always advised to contact the cleaning services that knows well the products being used.

Wet cleaning is guaranteed to be safe all the time, and this uses steam and detergent which is a classic for fabrics. That’s why you will never have to worry about the product that you’re using if it can damage the flooring due to its safe chemicals for fabrics.