Trademark Attorneys

Trademarks are unique visual/verbal/structural symbols which represent the identity of your business/invented product. Your trademark is supposed to be 100% unique and original and is equally important as your company name or logo. Your trademark is also responsible for creating and maintaining goodwill amongst your customers so make sure you choose one you can register and protect.

Four common mistakes to avoid

Once you choose a strong trademark word or symbol, check through the national trademark registration records to verify that there are no previous users of your chosen trademark. Even if your chosen trade mark is seen to have reasonable degrees of similarity with a previously used trademark, you are in for a lot of legal trouble. Efficient trademark attorney will be able to help you through this confusion by their legal know how.

If you are planning to use the” .com” extension for your trademark, check whether the domain name is available. Using hyphens in your domain name can divert customer traffic to other sites so it is better to avoid hyphens and other distracting symbols. If you are using “.net” or “.org” extensions, remember to register those too, to avoid cyber squatters.

The trademark registration process is now fully automated and available online. Avoid unnecessary confusion and delays by checking the total registration fees, waiting time period and documents you might have to submit before getting your trademark registered. A missed deadline can result in a month long delay.

Avoid discussions with other parties apart from trademark attorneys, about you’re yet to be registered trademark. Remember, an unregistered trademark can be easily copied by a third party leading to intellectual asset loss.