Choosing perfect colour schemes for your home

Nothing in your home personal as colour. Colour communicates a lot about your personality and preferences. This explains why most people consider it important to do the right thing at the start. It is not surprising that most prefer hiring professional painters and designers to assist with the selection and final decision. The first thing you will learn from Painters Brisbane is that the secret to achieving a harmonious atmosphere throughout the home is getting the perfect colour flow. You need to get a balanced colour scheme that seamlessly connects one space to the next.

Choosing the colours

The first advice you will get from professionals is that you need to start from the colour wheel. You will notice the different categories of colours, which are primary, secondary and tertiary classifications. Primary colours cannot be created and include red, blue and yellow. Secondary colours (are purple, orange and green) are formed by mixing equal parts of primary colours.

Tertiary colours on the other hand are different combinations of both primary and secondary colours to produces different hues that make the original primary and secondary colours less vivid. White and black hues as the light and darker hues of these combinations.

Creating the colour scheme

The colour wheel is just but a start on creating a suitable colour scheme for your personality. It is from this colour wheel that you can get the four possible colour schemes according to professional painters. These include the following.

- Monochromatic, which involves using one tone of the same colour with black or white to either darken or lighten the shade.

- Analogous which uses colours appearing next to each other on the colour wheel to create a colourful and soothing palette.

- Contrast is the more dramatic paint colour scheme because it uses contrasting colours to depict or introduce energy in your home.

- Complementary scheme on the other hand make use of two contrasting colours together to dramatic, bold and high-energy colour scheme.

Things to consider

Your painter will probably tell you that before settling on a colour scheme you may want to start with contrast. Put something dark with a lighter shade. If your goal is to infuse more light into your home, then choosing a light colour shade will be the best move. You will also have to decide the place that you want these colours on.

Is it the ceiling, walls or floor? If you have no problem with pale walls the bright accessory, furnishings and rugs will be perfect for bringing in more colour to the room. Choose colours that are clean and crisp especially for the bolder ones. For more subtle styles then softer neutral shades should be considered.