Mistakes to Avoid in Making Offset Printing

Don’t get your cards printed on cheap quality paper because you have limited budget. There is nothing more degrading to your business than an unattractive dowdy piece of paper with your business contacts. Stay out of the whole thing if you can’t afford a good quality business card.

Don’t confuse your customers by giving out vague information on cards. Curiosity may tickle their imagination but they are sure to throw away the card after some time.

Don’t hire offset printing services you can find. Go to a well known printing firm to get the best results like Offset printers Sydney. Remember, long after you are gone your customers will remember you by your business cards.

Tricks for the perfect business card

Your business card is more than your contact display. Include a smart line which conveys the essence of your trade.

Order your cards in large quantities. If you order 1500 cards the cost per card is going to be significantly lesser than if you only order 500 cards. Especially if you go for offset printing services.

Don’t try to produce your business cards at home even if you have the necessary equipment and resources. Hire Printing Campbelltown to print the cards if you want them to look professional.

Don’t copy & paste standard Logos from the WWW on to your business card, it looks cheap and dowdy. Get a professional unique logo designed, online printing firms will do logo designing for as less as $25.