Real Men Must Switch to Men’s Organic Skin Care Products

Men and women have different challenges when it comes to skin care because their skins are made differently that is why real men must switch to men’s organic skin care products. The male hormone which is testosterone produces more sebum which makes men’s skin oiler than women. Estrogen, which is one of the hormones found in women’s blood stream makes the skin rosier. Thus, real men must stop using skin care products for women because they will not get the results that they like. That is why there are now men’s organic skin care products that you can buy online to address the skin problems of men. These organic products have passed quality control and have been proven to work on the skin of men.

As compared to women, men have higher levels of eccrine gland activity which means that men sweat more than women. The eccrine glands are found all over the human body with the higher concentrations in the soles of the feet and palms. Now if men will continue to use women’s skin care products, the results may be a bit disappointing. For instance, real men must switch to men’s organic skin care products such as foot powder in order to prevent smelly feet and athlete’s foot. Men enjoy outdoor activities and they spend longer hours outdoors and products that are made specifically for them will protect them from unwanted body smells. Women do not sweat as profusely as men do so switch to products that are designed for men.

Keep it rugged but clean

Men are sexier if they appear rugged, but men have to draw the line between ruggedness and being unclean. Similar to women, men also need to exfoliate at least once a week in order to eliminate dead skin cells. The products that are for women are gentler and won’t work on men’s skin. The skin of men are rougher and thicker and they need to use men’s organic skin care products as these have all the ingredients that will remove the dead skin cells and make their skin cleaner.

The ingredients of men’s skin care products contain oil such as jojoba oil that will clean and moisturize the skin. By using mens organic skin care products, you do your skin a big favor as you gentle cleanse and nourish your skin. The results are less skin breakouts, minimized pore sizes, and reduced signs of aging.

Real men use men’s organic skin care products because men’s skin is made differently from women.