Types of Mattresses

If you have an allergy to bed mites or mattress dust, invest in a latex mattress or a pure foam mattress. These kinds of mattresses are toxic to house mites and are bad dust absorbers so they require less maintenance than other types.

But it would become more convenient for you to make a choice, if you bear in mind that are four broad categories of mattresses to select from. So, if you can streamline your search to the category that would be most appropriate for your needs, then you’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort.

Find your own comfort level

Ignore all expensive mattresses which claim to have superior coil count. A count over 390 in an average queen sized bed is good enough.

Avoid all mattresses which claim to have enhanced cashmere/silk added padded. These materials will do nothing except increase the price.

Don’t assume that the most expensive mattress is the best choice. Experts say that 50% mattresses are over designed and overpriced.

The statement that “you always have to buy a new box string to get warranty” is a myth. Salesmen say this because they are under pressure. Mattress Manufacturers incentivize sales people by tempting them with Sales Incentives thus pushing them to force sell certain products to you. Retain the box string of your old mattress if it is in good shape.

Its important to contact pest control service to make sure that you have a pest-free house before buying new mattresses.