Use of Glass Kitchen Cleaners

A good glass cleaner is very effective in restoring the sparkle of glass. You may use a glass cleaner occasionally for glass kitchen splashbacks. Spray a small amount of the glass cleaner onto an area of the splashback Wipe it off with gentle circular motions using a piece of dry soft cloth.

Do not allow hot appliances like an oven or a direct flame from a burner to touch the glass surface. Keep hot utensils and sharp objects like knives well away from the splashback area. If water or any other material gets splashed onto an area of the surface, wipe it off with a soft cloth as soon as it occurs. This prevents the formation of stubborn stains.

Common Protective Measures

This safety measure should be incorporated at the time of installation of the splashback. As glass is a moderate conductor of heat, the splashback may pick up the heat from a hot kitchen appliance or a pot placed at some distance from it. The heat might damage the material in time. You may urge the technician handling the installation process to mount a sheet of a fire resistant material on the plaster of the wall, before fixing the glass splashback.

Silicone sealing agents are used around the edges of glass kitchen splashbacks to keep water from seeping behind the surface. The sealants get worn away with time. Call professionals splashbacks for inspecting the situation. Invest in renewing the sealing process, if advised. The protective sheet will not be visible.