How to Choose a Forklift?

Fork lifts are indispensable when it comes to performing complex and heavy duty functions in large industries. Variously referred to as fork trucks or lift trucks, you’d find them being used extensively in warehouses, distribution centres, factories, and manufacturing sites.

So when you decide to buy a forklift, you’d have to be circumspect about settling for the ideal equipment as it can make a big difference to your productivity, running costs, and last but not the least to your employees’ self-esteem.

Assess your requirements

Your choice of a forklift will be determined by the following factors. The average load size, the maximum height to which the loads need to be lifted, and the areas where it will be used (outdoors or indoors or both).

The selection will also depend on the total number of hours the lift truck will be used everyday. Will there be enough space or room available to move the equipment? What is the extent of the passageways or the aisles? There are several well-known manufacturers and dealers that stock an entire array of forklifts.

Used or new forklifts?

Should you go for a new forklift or settle for a used one? This is a classic catch-22 situation most operators and floor shop managers themselves in. Used forklifts no doubt cost much less, even less than half the price of a brand new one.

But on the flip side, a second-hand forklift can eat into your capital and become a liability if it has not been kept in a running condition by its previous owners.