Importance of Exercise Machines

Look for a treadmill which has a console equipped with lots of in built training programs designed to add entertainment to your workout. See Home exersize machine Brisbane.

Heart Rate enhancement training programs are something to look out for. Latest versions include consoles with web browsers and music options.

The Price, Warranty and Horse Power

The first factor to look out for is price. Do not go for the cheapest option on the market when it comes to weight loss machines; anything under $1000 is likely to have limited uses or a poor quality make. You can get a basic treadmill with auto incline between the ranges of $1000-$1500. Intermediate level treadmills with a good motor, standard console and suspension can cost you around $1500 -$3000. This is the range of best value treadmills. Anything above $3000 is totally unnecessary unless you are a fitness trainer who requires premium quality machines.

The longer the warranty, the pricier is the treadmill. Check whether the motor is covered under the warranty period. Different parts will have different warranty. The ideal combination is to look for a warranty of 12 years on motor, 2 years on parts and 1 year for home labor. The exercise equipment you buy is going to last you an average of 12 years provided you take proper care of it. Clean your treadmill once a week and apply silicone lubricant on the belt and running deck.

The third factor is the H.P (Horse Power) ratings. These measurements indicate either Continuous Power or Peak Power. Peak Power is the max power of motor before failure so it is not a dependable number. Avoid manufacturers who stress too much on peak power and look for treadmills with 15 H.P continuous powers.