Carpet Cleaning Methods

Generally, you can clean your carpets in two ways: Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Methods. Know everything you need in just another scroll!

Dry cleaning

This process uses a low amount of water that requires less time to dry your carpet, and low expense but does not remove detergent residues and soil since the method does not require rinsing.

1. Bonnet Cleaning – a cleaning solution is sprayed over the entire carpet pile which is then polished by pads or bonnets attached to a rotary floor machine which absorb the carpet soil. It has to be noted that when these bonnets have ceased absorbing or get soiled, they should be rinsed, replaced or reversed until the cleaning process is done. This is Ideal for cleaning carpets covering large areas.

2. Shampoo – makes use of a rotary machine with a solution tank and a shower feed brush brushing the carpet with the simultaneous release of shampoo cleaning solution. This is followed by dry vacuuming. The general brushing process leads to distortion of the carpet pile appearance but offers deep cleaning in affordable equipment and chemical costs.

3. Dry Foam Shampoo – variation of the preceding method which utilizes dry sponge in the application of “foam” (from a shampoo liquid) on the carpet pile followed by the vacuuming of residue holding the suspended soil particles. Low amount of water is needed in this method, hence the name “dry” foam shampoo.

4. Encapsulation – a cleaning agent suspends the soil and other particles stuck in your carpet pile which is then encapsulated by a crystallizing agent and is vacuumed after.

5. Dry extraction cleaning – sponges and powders previously wet with detergent absorbs the suspended soil and is vacuumed. This can’t be used in cleaning a large carpet and often leaves sponges and powder residues under the carpet pile after the cleaning process.

Steam cleaning

This carpet cleaning system is also called as hot-water extraction since the overall process can be explained shortly by the injection of a hot-water and detergent cleaning solution at a high pressure which is extracted immediately by a powerful vacuum system. Soil, dirt and other particle residue suspended in your carpet will be removed along with the extracted water.

• Truck-mounted equipment – releases high temperature, water pressure and vacuum strength that is able to retrieve up to 95% of the water used in the cleaning your carpet. This should be powered by a truck-mount machine and not by your house’s electricity.

• Portable Equipment – this is probably the best recommended for residential or commercial units located at a high-rise building. If you are interested, check www.howzthatcleanfloors.com.au

Bonus tip to keep your carpet clean all the time is to vacuum your carpet pile regularly to control the amount of dust and soil that will reside in your carpet. Clean immediately the spot of your carpet using a wet sponge where you spill something on your carpet pile instead of waiting for months before cleaning it. You can also make your own carpet cleaning solution with vinegar and baking soda mixed together to form a paste. Use this on removing your carpet stains. Allow it to dry then vacuum the residue.