Types of Camper Trailers

Camping combines sports, adventure and education perfectly. It is one of the best loved outdoor activities which can be enjoyed by Australians of all age. In children, camping from an early age inculcates a streak of adventurism, intrepidity and love of nature.

Adults can de-stress while exploring the expansive outdoors and also know more about the natural diversity of their nation. In fact, camping is one of the best family activities. Camping on different terrains requires different trailers and hiring is your best option. Whether you want to spend a week with mates off-road or travel for months, there are several camper trailer rentals that can offer you the right trailer. Camper trailers are available in different sizes and shapes. You must know more about them before hiring the right trailer.

On-road Camper Trailers

This type of camping trailer is meant to be driven through roads. You can hire such a trailer if you are planning an on-road trip and want to drive to different destinations and see places. On-road trailers are quite light (under 400kg) and built like box trailers.

They have standard tailgates, towballs, 4 leaf basic spring and 2mm drawbars. It is best to discuss the size of your car with reliable camper trailer rentals before hiring your on-road trailer.

Off-road Camper Trailers

If you are a serious adventure enthusiast and love exploring the wild outback, an off-road trailer is just what you need. Australian outback has a mindboggling variety of landscape, flora and fauna. Rent a Perth campervans and embark on a tour with your family for a trip of a lifetime. Such a trailer can traverse almost all type of terrain.