Bathroom Renovation

Arrange for adequate lighting in the bathroom. The area around the bathroom vanity should be well lit, to allow tasks such as shaving and application of make up. A good lighting system places adequate light on the face, neck and head.

Sink for the Vanity

The shape, size and colour of the sink should be in keeping with the design of the bathroom vanity. You may install a dual sink unit, if the vanity is large enough to accommodate it.

Bathroom vanities Sydney should be designed to look fresh and appealing. You could also lend a theme to your bathroom like, classical, modern or period. Don’t choose a vanity merely on the basis of what you saw in the catalogue or what is displayed in the showroom. It is better to go in for long term styles rather than follow a trend that becomes obsolete after a few years.

The Bath

No other bathroom accessory requires as much consideration, as the bath. Prior to the installation of the bath, you need to think over several issues. These include the size of the bathroom and plumbing requirements. You need to consider the advise of a professional plumber for this.

You may need to have the floor underneath the bath, reinforced. Lie down inside the bath to ensure that you feel comfortable, before you make your purchase. Ceramic is most commonly used material. Other choices include acrylic, which is lightweight and long lasting; cast polymer, which is less durable than acrylic; and cast iron, which is extremely durable.

The Toilet Bowl

Toilet bowls are available in a wide range of colours and models. You need to consider some features when getting one for your bathroom. The standard height is about 14” to 15”. Chair height, which is 16” to 17”, is ideal for people with knee and back problems.

An elongated shape allows more comfort, whereas a round shape is suitable when space is a constraint. An eco-friendly toilet, which consumes less water per flush, is an essential choice for a bathroom remodel.

One of the common issues that can be avoided in relation to your plumbing system is the blocked drain. Rag plugging, plunger and chemical drain opener are some of the things that can be used for this.

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